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About Us

Malaysia Larut Matang Pasar

We started back in the 70s in Malaysia, Perak, Taiping, in a small household trying to earn a side income with the philosophy of providing quality homemade goodies. 

Our Classic Man Tou was a hit, but we were not satisfied with just one success story. So we explored flavours like Sweet Peanut Bao (花生包), classic offerings like Red Bean Bao (豆沙包), and new ideas launching soon like the Shredded Coconut Bao (椰丝包).

As time went by, we developed a large variety of delicate delights such as Mi Gu, Longevity Buns and Steam Cake for offering purposes with unique writing, and proved to be popular with media and customers!

We handed down to the next generation, and with a young and ambitious team, the business started to expand and slowly transformed into a bao wholesaler in Tai Ping, with plans to supply areas like Penang, Ipoh and even Kuala Lumpur. 

Through this vision, the business expanded quickly, selling up to 1000 baos-a-day during festivities, such as the first and fifteenth day of the Lunar Calendar, Hungry Ghost Festival and even for banquet catering. 

Modernisation was a boon to the business, and the focus slowly shifted towards banquet catering by supplying to restaurants. One of the must-haves was the Curry Bao above. 

The business runs all year long, and only takes a 15-day break during the Mid-Autumn Festival to prepare for the grand birthday celebratin of Jiu Wang Da Di (九王大帝)!

We are now Third Generation Bao-Makers hoping to retain traditional delights but with a young twist, make such tradition suitable for all, and introducing our online new platform to make tradition more accessible.